Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Beware of the fringe geek

We geeks are everywhere. Just when you think you can recognize (and ostracize) us instantly by our awkward appearance and lack of social graces, a fringe geek will sneak up on you and become your closest friend. Insidious, aren't we?

You see, we come in many shapes and flavors. The most common species, computerus geekapedae gravis, is well represented, but other groups, such as weekend beekeepers and air/sea show attendees, secretly fly their very own geek flags. Take the model car builder, for example: Always looking for a new challenge. Doing in adulthood what he always longed for as a child. Trying to reconcile these feelings against a desire to be completely normal, boring, and average. Geek. Geek. Geek.

Luckily, for both the closeted and openly geek, there's a marked upswing in geek-as-cool. Our model-building brethren can now proudly display art catered to their calling. Jellio is selling life-sized snap-out model inspired art designed to hang on your wall for all to see. The example you see here is the Drive In model. The price is, not surprisingly, quite steep ($3000).

No one said coming out was going to be easy.

Jellio Drive In - Autoblog

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