Friday, November 03, 2006

Thing's robotic twin

If you've been hanging around here much, then you know how we feel about robots, particularly disembodied parts made to resemble those of humans. I couldn't sleep with this thing in the house. All creepy crawly, just looking for a "fleshy" to snuff out.

Yeah, What on Earth is selling these things as novelty gifts for $16.95, but this is clearly a ploy to get us to bring them into our homes. These plastic hands respond to sound by playing the right hand part to several popular piano tunes. But is that all they can do? Will they lull us into a false sense of security with their Minute Waltz and human-like movements? What will happen once "The Signal" is sent out from Master Control? We'll let someone else figure that out. Vigilance, friends!

Pianist Hand Concert


Jay Pea Are said...

If the left twin as evrybody knows is the evil twin, then who do we kill when we have to right twins?

frenchie said...

I wonder if I can retro-fit this to the back of my car. I find it hard to flip someone off AND cut them off at the same time.