Thursday, January 18, 2007

We've found 'em, boys

"We've found 'em, boys. Let's bring them in!"

"Er, we had to eat Tom, but everyone else is fine."

Encouraging words to any would be rescuers' ears. Not so much for Tom's dog (who's up for adoption now, it seems).

In the wake of the recent disappearance and rescue of the Kim family (in which there was no eating of anyone), I've become very interested in all things "survival". Not in the "hunker down in the basement stockpiled with assault rifles and canned goods so the Commies can't get us" kind of way. I just mean that as my family has grown, "what if..." pops into my head a lot more often than it used to.

As a proper geek, I am obligated to scratch this itch by finding equipment and researching obsessively. For that's the answer to pretty much any problem - equipment and research. And equipment in particular, whether it be high-tech or low, is quick to fan the flames of my heart.

I recently ran across this watch on a travel blog, Gadling. The Emergency is made by Breitling, a company whose motto is "Instruments for Professionals". They produce precision timepieces for professional divers, pilots, and wannabe divers and pilots with deep pockets. Unless you're in the music biz, you can't just go throwing the word "instrument" around unless you mean business. And they do. How serious are they? Well, the Emergency is equipped with a transmitter capable of sending a distress signal reaching approximately 100 miles. The transmitter utilizes the aircraft emergency frequency and can operate for up to 48 hours. In a situation where there are no cell towers to help rescuers triangulate your position and things look like they're about to get a whole lot worse, the Emergency is a great insurance policy. That is serious.

Breitling Emergency [Via Gadling]


frenchie said...

Totally unrelated to the article, have you ever noticed that watches are ALWAYS displayed at the 10 and 2 position?
It's a conspiracy I tell ya'.

Jay Pea Are said...

This watch may be useful for people who are driving and their car swerve off the road and don't have any heroes stop the car and jump in the water to save them.

Frank said...

is it just me.... or is that a GIANT watch... i mean its freaking three times bigger than the person in the background...